To Dear Me

5:23 May 2024

A girl discovers the power of past life experiences no matter good or bad in order to save herself. https://www.youtube.com/@aideatefilms

Loose Ends 2 – Unfinished Business

6:27 Jun 2024

Finally, the sequel is here! I’m excited to share my latest AI film project, “Loose Ends 2”! This short film was brought to life with a variety of AI tools, an old webcam, and some bad acting (yours truly). Please enjoy! Follow Ike Wagh on YouTube and Twitter.

The Summer of the Can

4:00 Feb 2024

AI Documentary based on a true story that happened in Brazil in the surreal summer of 1987-88, not many people know, and not many people remember it… That’s why we wanted to tell, and share this story from our home country with this amazing AI Community 🥫 (turn ON English official subtitles on YT CC) […]


2:37 Feb 2024

Presenting our new AI short film for the #gen48 – Meet Ellie, a video game character who’s been left behind. She’s learning to live on her own, just like many others who were forgotten by their players. Absolutely no 3D/CGI was used during the production of this movie. 100% AI-generated. This is a love letter […]

Cascadia – The Ice Haven

3:31 Apr 2024

This is what we know about the Cascadians. The Ice Haven of the northern realms. Masters of biology. https://www.youtube.com/@Biolands_


1 Season Mar 2024

Our show is about Al Films, Creativity, Storytelling, Generative Art, Ethics, and whatever flows 🌊 Stay ahead and participate in the (r)evolution of filmmaking. On this series of conversations you will navigate the unexplored seas of Al and how it impacts the creative industry, besides tools, workflows, ethics, philosophy, deeper reflections, advices for your journey, […]

Green Hackers

7:41 Mar 2024

SE-01 EP.01 full episode is available now! Green Hackers is an original, tropical, and dystopian sci-fi story now transformed into a multi-episode AI web series thanks to AI – part of zero1cine Originals 🌎 The Green Hackers is not just a story, it’s a universe where tribes, their symbols, backstories, traits, personalities, and even a […]

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